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Highway Visibility System (HIVIS) is Calmar Telematics' Fleet program that pays participating fleets to contribute anonymous GPS data. This data is consolidated and monetized for the industries benefit. Calmar is paying up to $25 per truck upon entering the program and will share up to 20% of the revenue that is generated from the data being contributed. In addition, Calmar will work with the fleets' IT department to integrate this consolidated view of the nation's highway system into internal systems to drive logistic efficiencies. Learn more.

HIVIS PRO Services

Calmar Telematics brings decades of highway analysis expertise to our clients. Services include real time traffic flow quality analysis, predictive highway metrics tailored to client specific needs, off line individual fleet optimization services, regional travel analysis and modeling services. HIVIS reduces highway congestion and increases safety. And fleet operators get state of the art fleet management tools. Learn more.


Where is the construction today? iCone knows, because it's there. The iCone system is a real time database built from location and speed information automatically transmitted from smart traffic cones. Learn more.

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