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HIVIS is a trucking industry project to reduce congestion and improve highway safety while providing state-of-the-art fleet management tools. All fleet information is collected anonymously and aggregated in a national highway database.

National, aggregated information is available FREE to all fleet managers who participate by contributing their own fleet's anonymous data. This information can be accessed via the web by logging in to the secure interface called MyHIVIS.

Fleet managers can access state-of-the-art visual displays of congestion and average speed in real time on roads across the country. They alone can also view private data on their own trucks' location and travel history.

In addition, participating fleet managers may obtain instant forecasts of congestion at future times based on historical HIVIS data, using the latest technology to dramatically improve route planning.

For a visual tour of HIVIS, the latest breakthrough in fleet management, click here (4MB).

You can also view/print our HIVIS data sheet.

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