Calmar Telematics

Calmar Telematics is the leading innovator in technology based highway information systems. We develop systems for government transportation planners, commercial truck fleets and the general public. Our focus is creating high value products and services that make transportation more efficient and safer.

The management team of Calmar Telematics brings together depth of experience in engineering design, telecommunications, transportation and the trucking industry. Familiarity with both public and private sector projects pays off for diverse transportation stakeholders who benefit from real time transportation information and data analysis. Development and engineering project successes span a wide range of vehicle types/modes, including long haul vehicles, aircraft and sailing ships. Read Management Bios.

Federal, state and local governments have contracted Calmar Telematics to understand commerce flows and the impact of highway designs on fleet operators' efficiencies.

For information, contact:
Ross Sheckler, CEO. Calmar Telematics
620 Old Liverpool RD, Liverpool, NY 13088 | Office (315) 626-6800 | Fax (315) 626-6787 | Email