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Our mission is to create information products and services that drive value for fleet operators and professionals that build/operate/maintain the highways the operators use. Calmar Telematics is delivering major innovations to the trucking industry and other transportation stakeholders. We develop and engineer information and communication systems that achieve greater highway efficiencies.

Thanks to these innovations, the future is brighter for all of us. Transportation information will be used to increase safety, reduce congestion, minimize travel delays, and give business and consumers greater control over their trip planning.

With Calmar Telematics, better travel is definitely on your itinerary. Learn more

For information, contact:
Ross Sheckler, CEO. Calmar Telematics
620 Old Liverpool RD, Liverpool, NY 13088

Office (315) 626-6800 | Fax (315) 626-6787

A Breakthrough in fleet management is just ahead
HIVIS is an automated transportation communication system built with the trucking industry, for the trucking industry. HIVIS works to reduce congestion and improve highway safety while providing state-of-the-art fleet management tools. Learn more

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Calmar Telematics is developing iCone™, a system of smart traffic cones that transmit location and speed of traffic near construction zones to a national, real time database. Learn more

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